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Hide and Seek.

October 26, 2012


The waves of truth. My belief system is erm… not cohesive. Aside # 1: I would use the term cogent instead of cohesive here but the Grand Chu told me that it’s “too pompous” for everyday use. Point taken – though I do use it in every day conversation…along with heretofore, and hence and forthwith.) […]

Autumn Fugitive

October 16, 2012


tl;dr – I like to run until I puke and salamanders are fucking awesome. Letting the fugitive rest. Fall. Sometimes it makes me go fallow. By sometimes I mean that I have no memory of it being any other way. From my first memory to this moment, fall has been my season of bedding down […]

Dear Camus:Fuck You.

July 31, 2012


When one is eating Skippy peanut butter from a jar and putting together a steam punk costume to wear to Burning Man…one tends to have questions bubble to the surface. Questions such as: “Really? Did I just eat a whole jar of goddamned peanut butter?” or “I wonder how these leg warmers will hold up […]

Skin Symbols and Sympathy.

June 25, 2012


New Skin. I’d forgotten about the intimacy that accompanies a new tattoo. Perhaps made nostalgic is a better description…I have made nostalgic the way my body experiences the process of a needle biting an image into my skin. It is a sensual nostalgia –my body response leading the memory and the ego trailing after…i dig […]

Grief sauce and the Deep.

May 15, 2012


Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in. ~Leonard Cohen There are two places in life that I wager we all have visited once or twice. The first I shall call the grief wave and the other the deep. They juxtapose and […]

Boobs. All Kinds.

April 3, 2012


So. I found a lump the other night in my left breast. My tiny perky lil’ left breast. Before anyone freaks out – it’s benign tissue so I’m not “going to die out of cancer” – besides I did enough freaking out for all of us. Did you know that the internet is a den […]

Facebooktivism and Child Soldiers – What you should know about K0NY 2012

March 7, 2012


So – I am an individual that tries to love all creatures. I give with my heart, practice ahimsa and live by the tenets of Satyagraha. I also believe in and actively participate in seva or compassion in action – we call it volunteerism in the good ol’ USA. What I am NOT a fan […]

Discovering the Lesson in a Plumb Line.

February 23, 2012


There are moments in life that mark a person. Tattoo the soul with an indelible ink that is so deep that it takes time living with the experience to fully appreciate the blossoming it causes in one’s life. I have been blessed with many moments like this – moments threaded together with beauty and learning. […]

coniunctio oppositorum

November 14, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about soul making lately. The coniunctio oppositorum – union of opposites. The bringing together of all of the disparate parts of the self in order to fund the growth of a balanced, open and engaged self. (Individuation as the firm followers of Jungian Psychology call it). James Hillman, one of my […]

Humankind cannot bear very much reality.

November 2, 2011


I have a phrase from T.S. Eliot’s The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock tattooed on my right side.  It buttresses up against the meat of my breast and wanders over and between my ribs in rows of purple blue ink.  Those who know me, know why I wear this homage to romanticism and symbolism on […]