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Sit back: 90 minutes of David Swenson practicing Advanced Series

March 30, 2012


What an amazing, intimate look at Ashtanga yoga and how it works in the life of others. One gent is a physicist and it is interesting to listen to him explain his view on the connection between yoga and quantum mechanics.

Cancer Alchemy and Yoga.

March 28, 2012


I taught a yoga class to ladies in treatment for cancer yesterday. All of them were in different stages: just diagnosed, in treatment, in remission or wandering somewhere in between. I was awe inspired, humbled and terrified. Awe inspired because of the beautiful, graceful presence these woman held as they practiced. Humbled because as I […]

And Fin.

December 8, 2011


I am finishing up with my certification program this week – I present with a wonderful team of people this Saturday and it feels right and beautiful and complete – like the process has been wonderful and cyclical and exactly what it should be.     Anyway – If you’re in the area feel free […]