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My Mountains are Burning…but that’s okay.

June 28, 2012


Agni The mountains are burning – thousands of acres a dry feast –consumed to the bone dry Colorado dirt. Homes are being picked up and thrown away in waves of thick black smoke. Animals are suffocating, burning, dying. Some reports say the smoke cloud stretches all the way to Oklahoma ferried on the swift winds […]

Maurice Sendak – You wonderful creature you.

May 8, 2012


I feel like shadow songs this morning.  Maurice Sendak  – totally pivotal part of my childhood and honestly a part of my adult/psycho analytic life has died. Life well lived sir. ❤ Your illustrations will adorn my child’s ( yet to be conceived of course) wall. Your words will fill their ears. Your spirit will […]

Blogs the internet and self-censorship.

April 16, 2012


 I write a lot. I would NEVER be able to write like this. Ever. I have this box in my closet full of journals from my youth. I have horrible handwriting, seriously horrible, like one of my mother’s friends asked if I was mentally retarded when she got my hand written high school graduation notice many […]

Facebooktivism and Child Soldiers – What you should know about K0NY 2012

March 7, 2012


So – I am an individual that tries to love all creatures. I give with my heart, practice ahimsa and live by the tenets of Satyagraha. I also believe in and actively participate in seva or compassion in action – we call it volunteerism in the good ol’ USA. What I am NOT a fan […]

Mind Body Battle Dome and the Bits Left Over.

March 6, 2012


I have this love affair with E.O. Wilson and Carl Sagan, Joseph Campbell, Rick Straussman and Neil deGrasse; people who live authentically and engage I a world larger than the ego self in a way that my brain has never been able to comprehend. When letters and numbers mix together I go full retard. These men […]