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Stop Stealing Dreams

February 28, 2012


The awesome thing about a thought crush is that there it doesn’t have to be definable or even rational. I can have a thought crush on as many people, ideas or things as I want for any reason. To date, my top TC’s are Tim Ferris ( I would have his mind babies) The dude […]

Mats idolatry and soul making…but mostly mats.

February 24, 2012


I bow to thank my mat before and after every practice. It is a part of my balancing – my mother – in her born again wisdom would call this some form of idol worship…I simply call it a part of my movement to wholeness. This act allows for me to harmonize with my body […]

Discovering the Lesson in a Plumb Line.

February 23, 2012


There are moments in life that mark a person. Tattoo the soul with an indelible ink that is so deep that it takes time living with the experience to fully appreciate the blossoming it causes in one’s life. I have been blessed with many moments like this – moments threaded together with beauty and learning. […]


December 5, 2011


The seasons – they change so quickly in Colorado – It’s as if the trees and grass have no knowledge of what’s about to come – the steep drop in temperature and then little-big death that causes sap to move slowly and the dog wood to turn deep burnished red. They must know – these […]