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Posted on April 26, 2012


When I told my family that I wanted to be a yoga instructor – my mother tilted her head gave me her one eyebrow raised questioning ( the dreaded look of judgment) and said, “ Why did you spend $60, 000 on a graduate degree to teach fitness classes for a living?”

My ever so pithy retort has something to do with her not letting me get my undergrad in Art History so somehow it was her fault… … … untrue of course but I was angry with her for not supporting my vision. Later, when I was calmer (aka a mai tai or two later) I gave thought to her question: Why did I spend a shit ton on a graduate level education in the humanities if deep in my gullet I knew that I wanted to teach others the beauty, grace and body and soul intelligence that is inherent to the yogic practice? P.S. I love my momma. She and I have an ” adult relationship” where she tells me how it is, I react and then come back and tell her she’s right =)

My answer did not come to me in a blinding flash of light – it took some soul work and writing a bit to really broach the where any why of my life path. The answer at this juncture is simple (though it might shift) I could not have become a teacher that people want to learn from without learning myself. The learning that I had to do is rooted in the intellectual and analytic parts of me and it in turn trickled down like rain water – percolating and shifting how I see the world. It took a while. 20 year old ahimsamaven is nothing like 31 year old ahimsamaven. My education opened my heart and scraped the proverbial scales from my third eye so that I could engage the world and my classes in an open and honest way. In retrospect, 60g’s well spent I say.

So.This blog is a teaching tool, a learning tool, an extension of who I am and totally fun to write and it seems like what I love about it, others love about it as well because I received a dual nomination for the Sunshine award from two AWESOME bloggers the Food Yogi and the Charmed Yogi, both of whom would have been nominated if they didn’t nominate me…so read what they have to say because they are on my normal blog rotation.

The rules of this award are as follows:

• Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog. (Check)
• Answer 10 questions about yourself. (Sort of check)
Nominate 10 other fabulous bloggers. (Double check)
• Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated. (Yuuup)
• Share the love and link the person who nominated you. (Done and Done!)

So my questions – I’m going to ninja these into my next few blog posts and come up with some creative gift for the person that can find them all. I have artist friends – I will make them make art for you 😉

You can have question 1
Q: Favorite dinosaur?
A: T-Rex doing yoga.

Without further ado and with much love – my choices

  • olyeats I dig how honest the author of this blog is. Reading her blog is like wandering into a patisserie of words and life experience. Plus there’s a recipe tucked into each post. Om Nom Life.
  • Yoga with Nadine Humorous beautiful yogini with a knack for writing about things that pull at the soul strings. I dig that she isn’t afraid to share her life – swear words and all.
  • Spiritual Hangover Pithy, Super honest, Crass and all about spiritual transformation. What could be more awesome over a cup o’ joe on a Monday morning?
  • If I was creative, cute and fashionably sensible I would totally be like Kim the author of Withglitterandbellson. But I’m not really any of these things so I live vicariously through her awesome blog about cute stuff and fashion and all things in between.
  • Brown Eyes & Lenses. Just read it. You won’t regret it. Anyone who loves video games, books and kittens and writes like this deserves…kittens with opposable thumbs.
  • I love dogs – I really love bully breeds probably because people are retarded and don’t know how sweet they truly are. Love and a six-foot leash takes my love and multiply’s it by a billion star suns. This is a wonderful blog with tons of pictures and heartwarming stories about pups and their foster parents. Sweet.
  • Running in Mommyland. Runner. Yogi. Mommy. Awesome writer. I love taking time out from my day and sitting down with her posts. They always inspire or make me laugh or think.
  • SleepGymEatRepeat is a Crossfit & Paleo blog. Inspiring and honest about the process of kicking ass and working out HARD in a world usually filled with dudes. She inspires me to do what I do and do it well.
  • The Well Rounded Man. I want to climb into this guy’s back pocket and travel with him to distant lands. A great blog about the drive to travel and the inspiration that comes with doing so,
  • A Fettered Mind Makes me think about things on another level. Leave it spatial scientist with to twist up my neural pathways. This blog is my guilty pleasure. Guilty in that I don’t tell people that it takes 6 times through to “get it” and totally pleasurable when a do.

Read and enjoy – given that this is my birthday week I believe that I am allowed to DEMAND that you read and enjoy these blogs.

Love and Light



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