5 second dance party.

Posted on April 23, 2012


It is day one of my birthday week and I have decided to regale you with my life stories.
I wanted to BE G.I.R. when I was a kid!I have had this awesome musically influenced life. The Grand Chu introduced me to so many under-ground bands when I was a little yogini that there is not a day that goes by where I don’t consider his connection to my musical life.  My sister, a violinist introduced me to classical music and my undergrad carried the exploration further. I can, in these later years say things like BACH! Fuck yeah! and totally mean it.
 Travel, daily experience, fate and my relationships gave the the rest. A lot of my musical tastes developed during came partnerships and I dunno if it is the same for you but for me it is a sweet (at times bittersweet) thing to hear a song and be able to place it vividly in one’s life . Sometimes my musical experiences are like the hyper-real. A level of experience that cannot be defined and yet .. .. need to be. The music does it best in it’s sensual, un-lacing kind of way.
Le Sigh. It is time for concerts – preferably outside in the summer heat-
 There are days in my life  where 5 second dance parties take over my ability to do anything…like yesterday. I had a sweet day doing chores (yeah you read that correctly FUN DOING CHORES) cooking up some paleo-centric meals and breaking into the robot or the sprinkler or the rumba every other minute. Yes I did manage to get things finished on the ” to do ” list but it took longer and meant more then just doing it. As an aside. I REALLY need to learn how to dance with a spatula. Many mishaps occurred because of spatula misuse. Any tips?
Yesterday was a good day and maybe that is more what this post is about – letting go of the coulda, woulda, shoulda and just being. There are a lot of rules that we, as members of a rationalistic society live by:
Go to work.
Get up early.
Mow the lawn.
I’m not really down with this motif. I would instead like us all to take a moment – kick back – throw on some awesome freaking music and DANCE – because you have to mow the fucking lawn right now? Really? Take 5 seconds…or 5 minutes and give a listen to music I have conveniently left for you to peruse below. This is the soundtrack of my life in condensed form. Taka a little bit and give your life a soundtrack for a little bit,. See what happens.

Skold vs. KMFDM
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