Stop Stealing Dreams

Posted on February 28, 2012


The awesome thing about a thought crush is that there it doesn’t have to be definable or even rational. I can have a thought crush on as many people, ideas or things as I want for any reason. To date, my top TC’s are Tim Ferris ( I would have his mind babies) The dude that started Redditors Without Borders, Michael Meade   (the group of mythologists that give back to the youth or try to foster a belief system for those who live in a cultural desert) and in this exact moment Seth Godin. If you haven’t heard, and I didn’t until today, he released his next book free of charge and is asking only that the message spreads: Stop Stealing Dreams .

I love, love, LOVE individuals that question the status quo and ask the population to look within  to answer larger questions. Not what to make for dinner or if you have time to watch the show you DVR’d. Not what time yoga class is or what workout you’ll do tonight (for me it’s cardio so yes I am a part of this cycle as well…not someone preaching from the pulpit) Questions like how will our current society grow into the next century as a forward thinking, forward moving community or as Seth Godin asks, is the education system in America serving our children and how can we build a generation of creative, motivated, engaged individuals who want to lead instead of follow.

I’ve just started tearing into this work and I already have a level 10+ thought crush. I tend not to comment on works before I finish them ( call it reading snobbery if you want) but in this case I feel compelled to help share this message because it falls into a space where I am compelled to act. Giving back from the heart to future generations. I recommend thumbing through the book and passing it along to whomever you feel would benefit from reading about traditional versus alternative education streams and the progress that can come from tapping in fully and learning how to learn and teach in a thoughtful and open way.

Namaste – Ahimsamaven

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