Happiness, winning, unicorns and bacon.

Posted on October 13, 2011


I woke up this morning to an award for my blog, The Versatile Blogger Award in fact. Now I have won a total of 2 things in my life, the first being a talent show when I was like six and the other was my Master’s Degree but honestly I worked my ass off for that one so it was more of an EARN than a win. I am ridiculously excited ( like unicorns or bacon happy) because until now it’s been my family & friends, a handful of zombie lovers and some Redditors that have picked up on my corner of the writing world.

Because I am me, I have also developed this yogi-centric guilt trip about being excited about someone liking my writing. But as the Grand Chu told me recently…one doesn’t blog to be silent, they blog because they want to be heard in some way, somewhere.

That’s true.

So. Thank you to slowhappyrunner . I appreciate your support and kind words as well as the honest and authentic nature of your blog(s). In addition to honoring your work, I would like to ask others to visit a few blogs that I find to be interesting and engaging. The rules of this award MAY stipulate my doing this…but providing love to others is on my experience yogic ethics to do list so I find this exercise to be quite synchronistic and a wonderful way to engage and honor others.

tl;dr – I won an award.Here are some other cool blogs.

Metal , yoga and Jung. It’s almost mandatory that I love Vamachara. At the very least I think you’ll love the juxtaposition of ideas in this blog.

Yogitastic – Dry and a bit sarcastic tha author addresses food, meditation, yoga…the whole gambit of yogic joy. I enjoy the author’s sense of humor. A lot.

The Whole Business – An honest blog about business,motherhood, life and exploration of the spaces where they meet.

Great writing – Insightful and beautiful. This is one of those blogs that you mean to read for a few minutes and end up absorbed for hours. Get some tea and settle in on a cold day. You’ll thank me for it!

Serene Flavor has some serious dedication – like every day posting that manages to hold humor, information and nuggets of knowledge…sometimes about yoga, sometimes not.

I dig David Cain. He reminds me of Tim Ferriss but with a firmer grip on his soul.

Just, wonderfully palpable writing. I love getting lost in Teresa Silverthorn’s blog. Seriously. Hit the random post button. Be amazed.

Reading this blog is like peeking into someone’s life through a half closed curtain. Minimalist but for good cause.

The Auspicious Squirrel. Food. Photos. Photos of food.I’m not a vegan and have run into a few “roadblocks” going veg – menfolk in my life buying BOXES of meat – Auspicious Squirrel is awesome, inspiring and an animal lover. There is everything to love about this blog – it is seriously heartwarming and nommy.

Hyperbole and a Half I know. I know, You’ve probably already seen this one but if you haven’t do yourself a favor and head on over. This is my favorite blog on the interwebz by far. Her dogs are like my dog’s doppelganger and if she lived close and wasn’t spoken for I would try like mad to hook her up with the Grand Chu…because…dinosaurs.

7 things about me in no particular order:

I love leg warmers…I’ve been trying to bring them back into style for the last ten years or so…no luck yet.- I am a field marshal in Halo Reach, it is my decompression game…it and Left4Dead – I love climbing trees – I own a dog with one crossed eye and a scorpion tail – I own a house with stairs made of logs-I meditate with great frequency- I’ve known my best friend since grade school…and despite knowing ALL of my flaws he still loves and humors me – I love bacon, it is my vegetarian downfall.

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